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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Windows 8 Upgrade: Could Windows Blue Be the Next Windows 7?

I just saw an very interesting article saying the next Windows operating system after Windows 8 might not even be Windows 9, it could actually be called Windows Blue.

This close to a major Windows release it’s all but impossible to ignore chatter about what is coming next. In this case, Windows 9 is what you would expect to follow, correct? Well, perhaps. However, according to the ever-connected Mary Jo Foley, something else might be afoot.Enter Windows ‘Blue.’ Here’s a short quote from her recent post:
I’ve heard the next version of Windows is not going to be Windows 9. Instead, I’ve heard from a couple of my contacts that some kind of an update is coming next year. The Windows release codenamed “Blue” — mentioned by Win8China last week — is likely the codename of this interim release, my contacts claim.

The Next Web's Alex Wilhem sugests that Windows Blue could be an upgrade to Windows 8 like Windows 7 was an upgrade to Windows Vista. Microsoft seems to be doing a pattern with their operating system in the minds of the public

Windows XP, good.
Windows Vista, bad.
Windows 7, good.
Windows 8, bad.
Windows 9 (Blue), good.

Weather Blue is the could name or the official release name we may not know for sure until sometime next year according The Next Web.

Now, it’s unclear as to whether Windows Blue is a release of features, or is instead an update that will only contain fixes and patches. Service pack or not, Windows Blue could be out in less than a year’s time.

What do you think of the latest developing rumor? Do you think Windows Blue will be a good upgrade to Windows 8 or would rather wait until another operating system that is not an 'upgrade'?

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